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Our capacity data and geospatial data covering Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia underpins our evidence-based research. Rather than keeping this intel closed, we understand that certain clients like to manage the raw data for internal analysis. 
We continuously refine our datasets and release quarterly updates. And we differ to other venders because we have a profound appreciation of the CIS. This means you can rely on our accuracy owing to our regional experience. 

Datasets Working the data your way 

Our generating capacity database covers Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Moldova. It amounts to more than 6,700 units, or almost 600 GW (386 GW operational). Up to 60 data fields define each unit's characteristics, from installed technology, fuel, ownership, modernisation programmes, operational dates, location and more. 
Data format is delivered in MS Excel format.  

How do we source and verify our data? 

Our capacity data is collected and verified from numerous sources including the system operator, company records and direct requests, media reports, third party lists and publications, and satellite imagery. 
Annual price* 
Russian capacity data (4,700 records): 
Ukrainian capacity data (550 records): 
Kazakhstan capacity data (515 records): 
*The cost is an annual subscription and includes quarterly updates 

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Geospatial layers Visualising a power system data 

Our geospatial data visualise the exact layout of power plants, substations, and national transmission networks. Essentially, our geospatial data are a mapping layers. 
Power plant type (e.g., nuclear, thermal, hydropower, renewables) 
National grid infrastructure and substations by capacity (from 220 kV to 1150 kV) 
The data file format is KMZ and KML. These files are very easily imported into Google Earth or Google Maps. 
Annual price* 
Ukrainian capacity and national grid GIS data: 
Central Asian capacity and national grid GIS data: 
*The cost is an annual subscription and includes quarterly updates 

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