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SEEPX Energy delivers power industry insight, datasets, outlooks, geospatial data, maps, and bespoke services. To gain research depth, we closely follow global energy and economic developments. 
Our evidence-based research and data supports energy professionals in making informed decisions. Companies engage SEEPX Energy to reflect a true picture of the power sector’s fundamentals, infrastructure, and regulations. 
We are often engaged in benchmarking global policies around sustainable power sector planning, incentive price-formation, technological transition, and climate change abatement. 

Financials, as industry expert 

Transaction support—interpreting regional power sectors for international investors 
Global energy project advisory—power industry expert, regional risks and opportunities 
Finance advisory services—regional energymarket structure and mechanisms 

Industry, identifying risks and opportunities 

Origination, identifying markets 
Route-to-market strategy, identifying pathways 
Climate change policies, impact assessment 


Our power sector research includes explanatory reports and specific topic related analysis. We cover core aspects of power market operation and practices, providing analytics, commentary, data, and outlooks. 
Often, our research is arranged into three distinct themes: Fundamentals, Infrastructure, and Regulation. 
We articulate matters that underpin and influence the future of the power and heat energy sectors based on benchmarking of global regulation and practices. Our regulatory analysis helps clients to better understand, measure and quantify policy trends, particularly energy efficiency and climate related. 

Datasheets and Outlooks 

SEEPX Energy collects regional power data from numerous reputable sources. Data includes power and heat energy consumption by consumer type, production by technology type, generating capacity characteristics, industrial data, and economic data. 
Using this data, we generate outlooks to 2050. 

Infrastructure Data 

We maintain a comprehensive capacity database for Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Moldova. It amounts to more than 6,500 units, or almost 600 GW (383 GW is operational). We have 60 data fields for each unit covering unit technical data, ownership, to investment programmes. 
We have also developed geospatial map layers identifying system power plants, substations, and the exact layout of national transmission networks throughout Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia. 


Our advisory services are tailored to the clients’ needs and complement SEEPX Energy’s research agenda. They include: 
Power and heat energy industry reports (including, for the financial markets) 
Future sector planning and long-term power and heat energy sectors’ development strategies Review and benchmarking of local policies to global power sectors’ regulation and practices 
Alignment of the power and capacity markets’ design to the global and domestic policy agendas 
Price regulation for generation and grid and cost analysis 
Energy efficiency and climate change abatement measures integration into power and heat energy sectors’ policy and operation reducing their carbon footprint. 
Our global reach enables us to bring on board experts and assemble teams to the projects’ needs. For further information, please, contact us. 
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