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Introducing our typical due diligence reports 

Our report’s innovative structure is organised into three main themes: Fundamentals, Infrastructure, and Regulations. Throughout our report, we describe the targeted power sector’s recent history, analyse all aspects of its operation, as well as chart and explain the most probable path forward. The page layout is designed for a comfortable viewing on today’s widescreen monitors and tablets. 
Overview of power sector situation: Fundamentals, Infrastructure, and Regulations 
Executive summary and introduction, inclusive of ESG sector rating. 
Power sector core statistics at a glance. 
Key findings on Fundamentals, Infrastructure & Regulations. 
Sector rating SEEPX Dashboard. 
The Fundamentals theme tracks and interprets datasets for power demand, production and pricing and provides outlooks. 
Macroeconomic context 
Power demand analysis 
Power consumption outlook 
Power production analysis 
Power and capacity market explanatory review 
Power and capacity price analysis 
Power price and capacity outlook 
Heat energy market review 
The Infrastructure theme describes current asset base from generation to electricity network infrastructure. 
This section also reviews the current and pending infrastructural transformation in response to changes to supply and demand, integration of climate change abatement measures, and goal to shift the power sector to a more advanced technological model. 
Current power capacity mix and rationale behind its evolution. 
Key power generating operators in region. 
Capacity outlook by type of technology. 
Power transmission and distribution developments. 
Power grid outlook. 
Capacity and grid developments by power system. 
The Regulation theme reviews power sector, and related, policies. 
We explore evolving rules and regulations set to improve market conditions for natural monopolies. In this section we analyse progression towards climate change abatement, environmental protection, and energy efficiency goals. This includes investment vehicles that support renewables, as well as technological efficiency measures and innovation. 
Key review of recent policy influencing the sector’s development, by application. 
Legislative changes and latest regulatory initiatives. 
Climate change policy progression. 
Current and future policy towards renewables. 
Mechanisms for attracting investment into energy efficient and innovative technologies. 
Price formation for transmission and distribution companies. Heat energy (and district heating) market evolution. 
Upcoming changes to policy and regulatory initiatives by application. 
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Who are our due diligence reports for? 

Our due diligence reports are intended for international power producers, consumers, engineering vendors, data providers, financials, carbon traders, and governments. It supports those with varying degrees of exposure and interest in the targeted power industry and those without previous knowledge. Most power industry contains many familiar structures, but many complexities still need unwrapping. In this respect our report’s lucid text, explanatory narrative, sharp charts, and clear diagrams bring clarity. 

How will our due diligence reports help you? 

Support existing shareholders of the companies already operating or exposed to the targeted power sector, by providing quality information. 
Measuring investment opportunity and exposure through a consistent and fair representation of the targeted power industry and its likely future. 
Sizing up the power sector’s infrastructural layout and analysing location risk. 
Responding effectively to regulatory and policy changes. 
Developing a decision roadmap. 
Planning a route-to-market strategy. 
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